Processing Data with BIO_CYCLE

Use the "BROWSE FILES" button to upload a dataset. The dataset must be in .tsv format. Download the Example File or visit Help for more information on the correct file format. Press "RUN BIO_CYCLE" to begin processing the current data file. After the processing is complete, the file will download in your browser. The resulting file contains statistics for p-value, q-value, amplitude, lag, and period for each row in the current dataset. Additionally, the code is available for download in the link below and can be run locally.


Current Data File


If you find BIO_CYCLE useful to your work, please cite the following paper:

What time is it? Deep learning approaches for circadian rhythms
F. Agostinelli, N. Ceglia, B. Shahbaba, P. Sassone-Corsi, and P. Baldi
Bioinformatics, 32(12)i8-i172016